Greaseless Fryer Express

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We have some really EXCITING News!

We're about to introduce a totally
NEW concept in Commercial
Greaseless Air Frying

We've had this all new, REVOLUTIONARY program in
development and testing for over 27 months.

Do NOT buy another Commercial Air Fryer

until you've had a chance to explore the all


Greaseless Fryer Express

Commercial Greaseless Air Frying Program


Greaseless Fryer Express Package

will be available at a FRACTION of the cost of our now discontinued
Dual Basket Fry Wizard systems.

You'll soon be able to have up to 4 or even 6 Air Frying Baskets cooking MASSIVE quantities of your customer's favorite food items
(If you need that kind of capacity).

And the price point is lower than one of those
One Basket - One Order at a time systems sold by that other company.

Parts and Service

Parts and Service for any of our
legacy Fry Wizard or Greaseless Fryer Express Systems dating back to 1998 is always available.

Just call or email:

(203) 269-2799