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Exclusive Patented Impingement Technology Offers Highest Production Output  

  • Since 1980
  • Licensed, Insured & Bonded

No Oil-Greaseless-Ventless-Hoodless-Air Frying!

The Greaseless Fryer Express System  quick server serves various styles of high profit menu items such as chicken wings, cheeseburgers, quick crispy french fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, jalapeno poppers, corn dogs and breakfast sausages! Toast and melt cheese on sandwiches, serve hot dogs with the exact charred look and taste of outdoor charred BBQ-perfection, French toast sticks, pizza, quesadilla rolls, tacos, wraps, Fried bread, fish and chips, fried clams, fried shrimp, funnel cakes, bake bagels and shrimp rolls. This System can toast and melt cheese on sandwiches in seconds! We do not know of any items that cannot be served using our patented Impingement System, Hundreds of items are available for your menu, including organic food items like organic French Fries.


Heated, circulating air in the cooking area is captured by the Basket's Impingement Air Process! After the air is captured, it is circulated around each food item being prepared! The hot air (Sears) seals the food items outer layer locking in precious moisture thereby eliminating dried out products that other greaseless fryer convection systems serve! Then the captured concentrated air continues to penetrate through each food item to create perfect, fresh tasting items. Aside from producing perfect fun food items, the Greaseless Fryer Express is also perfect to use for everything, from cookies, muffins and biscuits to dessert snacks and hors d'oeuvres. Each unit is shipped with everything you will need, except the food items themselves!


Operating features:


• No special wiring needed
• Precise, adjustable time and temperature controls
• High speed fan for even air distribution
• Temperatures ranging from 100'F - 450*F
• Stainless steel construction
• Insulated, double wall construction
• 3 wire racks
• 3 13-1/2"x 10" aluminum baking trays

• Removable door and rack slides for easy cleaning
• Cool touch safety S/Steel door


Greaseless Fryer System items:


• Review the included Item Check List
• 1 Large Impingement technology food prep air basket
• 1 Sta-Cool removable basket handle (No oven gloves needed)
• 1 Stainless steel drip tray (Catches small drippings that may occur
• 1 Four Individual Segments Digital Timer, (Loud with Large digits)
• 1 18" X 13" Large preparation tray (Holds hot baskets for salting fries
• Also included Scraper, Brush, Tongs, Oven cleaner, Latex gloves and S
/S cleaner




• Basic oven dimensions
• Not shipping container dimensions
• 14-l/4" H x 19" W x 18" D
• Inside dimension: 8-5/8~H x 14"W x 11"D



Electrical data: 

• 120 volts. 10.9 amps, 1300 watts 50/60 Hz
• 53" power cord length


   UL Approved!


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** Please Note; Greaseless Fryer Express is the only commercial greaseless fryer that can prepare

 more than one order at a time!  Because of our fancy  name “Greaseless Fryer” Some licensing

authorities may assume our Cooking system is different than what it really is, meaning they may

 think we fry with oil and will assume you need special venting of some sort. Some States may  have

 specific regulations we are not familiar with! Please be advised that the licensing and permission to

        use this equipment in various areas is the sole responsibility of the purchaser! The statement no hood
 needed is a statement made because to our knowledge we have never had a licensing authority 

demand the use of a type1 or type  2 hood or a fire suppression system for one of our systems!

Each Cooking System Program is built as a  special manufactured item, therefore orders are not

cancelable and the material is not returnable or exchangeable for any reason! To avoid complications

 please be sure to check with your local licensing authorities for specific permission to use your

Greaseless Fryer System before placing your order!  If  you  request  we will help you through

 Health department, Fire Marshal, Building Inspectors and  private Mall's  questions to help
eliminate any confusion! Be sure you have clearance before you place your order!

Notice pertaining to French Fry Output; Because of the variances involved in producing great tasting

 French Fries such as refrigerator or Freezer temperatures, the thickness, style and type of fry being
used, the manufacturer’s type of oil on the fry, the quantity of fries placed in the baskets and the
cooking temperature being used, it is impossible to make guarantees of output! When the fries we
recommend and are familiar with are used we can make pretty accurate estimates of output!
Please be advised that the final output can only be determined by the end user using various
types of applications such as cooking  per order, per multiple order, or batch cooking!


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