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** Please Note; Greaseless Fryer Express is the only commercial greaseless fryer that can prepare

 more than one order at a time!  Because of our fancy  name “Greaseless Fryer” Some licensing

authorities may assume our Cooking system is different than what it really is, meaning they may

 think we fry with oil and will assume you need special venting of some sort. Some States may  have

 specific regulations we are not familiar with! Please be advised that the licensing and permission to

        use this equipment in various areas is the sole responsibility of the purchaser! The statement no hood
 needed is a statement made because to our knowledge we have never had a licensing authority 

demand the use of a type1 or type  2 hood or a fire suppression system for one of our systems!

Each Cooking System Program is built as a  special manufactured item, therefore orders are not

cancelable and the material is not returnable or exchangeable for any reason! To avoid complications

 please be sure to check with your local licensing authorities for specific permission to use your

Greaseless Fryer System before placing your order!  If  you  request  we will help you through

 Health department, Fire Marshal, Building Inspectors and  private Mall's  questions to help
eliminate any confusion! Be sure you have clearance before you place your order!


Notice pertaining to French Fry Output; Because of the variances involved in producing great tasting

 French Fries such as refrigerator or Freezer temperatures, the thickness, style and type of fry being
used, the manufacturer’s type of oil on the fry, the quantity of fries placed in the baskets and the
cooking temperature being used, it is impossible to make guarantees of output! When the fries we
recommend and are familiar with are used we can make pretty accurate estimates of output!
Please be advised that the final output can only be determined by the end user using various
types of applications such as cooking  per order per multiple order, or batch cooking



Greaseless Fryer Express two baskets offer Highest Output Double Profits at the lowest price!
Electric Fryers, Greaseless French Fries, No Oil fryer, Oil Less Fryer, Oil Free Fryer, Oilless Fryer, Oilless Fryers
Greaseless Fryer America's Number One Choice For Greaseless Fryers!
Air Fryers, Air Frying,  Greaseless Air Fryer Earns over $20,000 a year, just 11 Minutes a Day,
A Greaseless-Ventless-Hoodless-Countertop,Air fryer! Highest Output lowest price! 
A Greaseless fryer with two baskets offers Double Profits! Ventless oiless, Greaseless Fryer! 
The Greaseless Fryer Express is a countertop-ventless-hoodless-hot-air fryer! two baskets double profits! Oil Free Frying! A Ventless,greaseless Hot Air fryer!
Hot Air Fryer Is Easy to clean-fast to serve! Deep Grease air Fryer! No Oil electric air Fryer!
Quick and  Crispy Greaseless fryer no vents! Greaseless french fries! Greaseless Fryer Replaces deep fat fryers! 
Greaseless Fryer is a Quick-Mini-kitchen! Quick easy cleaning. Quick ventless fryers!, 
America's first choice, Countertop Electric Fryer, Electric Fryer Greaseless! A Greaseless fryer
America's first choice..Space age technology, No Hood, No Vent, No grease trap!  Healthier French fries! Greaseless countertop fryer.
The Perfect French Fry! Greaseless Fryer Express highest output lowest price. Greaseless Air Fryer.




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The Only Air Fryer System That Can Prepare Multiple Customer Orders By Cooking Them All At The Same Time

The Greaseless Fryer Express Is the only High Speed Commercial Air Fryer, food serving system that overcomes the nightmare that all other oil-free fryers are haunted with! All other Greaseless Air fryers can only prepare one menu item of a customer order at a time! Four Customer orders could take as much as twenty five minutes! Forcing customers to wait and wait will constantly remind them to never come back!

The Greaseless Fryer Express is so amazing it can prepare single menu items, single orders, multiple items or multiple orders all at the same time! Operators can serve one person or serve a whole crowd fast, simple, fresh and easy! All without the long waiting times that lose customers. Enjoy the amazing ability to cook up to four separate customer orders, all with different cooking times simultaneously by just opening the door at any time and adding a new order or removing a fully cooked order ready to serve! This system is extremely customer-friendly advanced over any equipment being sold anywhere!


Each Greaseless Fryer Express is supplied with a special Digital Timer that can time several different orders even with different preparation times all at the same time! It's the only available solution to stop losing customers because of slow outdated one order at a time units! (You Decide) serve four complete orders in five to eight minutes with the Greaseless Fryer Express or take twenty to twenty five minutes with any of the other equipment being sold! 


This multiple large order capable Greaseless Fryer Express is the affordable answer to allow any business to start serving and selling great tasting high-profit menu items! Start making profits using just one special high output basket and watch how fast you will realize how important your good decision was to purchase a two basket system that satisfies your increased customer order demands! 


Using just one of the two supplied space age Impingement Baskets in The Greaseless Fryer Express will outperform all other Greaseless fryers being sold! When adding the second Impingement basket The Greaseless Fryer Express Doubles it's already super output serving capacity and becomes two Greaseless fryers working in one perfectly co-ordinated built in powerhouse unit!


The Greaseless Fryer Express is a high demand model that is produced for Super Markets and various Chain outlets! ANG Products Inc. purchases enough material to build more than 1,000 Greaseless Fryer Express Systems for each production run! This enormous purchasing capability greatly reduces the overall cost per unit to manufacture these high demand Greaseless fryers! Our purchasing power offers savings rewards for everyone! The Greaseless Fryer Express is

 the most affordable system ever offered anywhere!




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More than five thousand five hundred of these Model GFE

(Greaseless Fryer Express)
Systems are making profits for GFE owners!



 This original Greaseless Fryer System has been

 outselling all others for many years!  It is  presently

proudly located Worldwide in places like 

Bars, Billiard Halls, Coffee Shops, Delis, Ice Cream Stores, C-Stores, Sandwich Shops, Country Clubs, Hot Dog Sellers, Zoos, Little Leagues, Ski Lodges, Convenience Stores, Bowling and Skating facilities, Flea Markets, Civic Centers, Malls, Bistros,Wine Cellers, Pizza Parlors, Amusement Parks, Health Clubs, Video Stores, Comedy Clubs, Fried Chicken Stores, Hospitals, Motels, Racetracks  And More And More


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